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Manufacturing CEO survey shows record high optimism on prospect of tax reform

The National Association of Manufacturers said Monday its latest quarterly CEO survey reflects historically high optimism on expectations for the passage of tax reform in Washington.

NAM said the survey should send a message to legislators that failure to enact the bill would be a blow to American businesses.

“These incredible numbers demonstrate the absolute urgency of getting tax reform signed into law because manufacturers are saying loudly and clearly that more jobs, better pay and manufacturing growth are on the horizon,” said Jay Timmons, president and CEO of NAM. “This also serves as a warning to lawmakers: Fail to get this done, and American manufacturing workers will suffer the consequences of inaction.”

Nearly 63 percent of CEOs in the survey said comprehensive business tax reform would encourage their company to increase capital spending, and more than half said they would expand their businesses. Almost 54 percent said they would hire more workers, and nearly half said they would increase employee wages and benefits.



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