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Manufacturers storm Capitol Hill to encourage pro-growth, pro-manufacturing policies

NAM president and CEO Jay Timmons writes in an opinion piece for The Hill (6/11, Timmons) that manufacturers will be visiting Capitol Hill on Wednesday to meet with their members of Congress because lawmakers can “help make the difference between tepid growth and a full-fledged manufacturing comeback.”

Timmons writes that while there has been positive growth in the manufacturing sector, “we can’t let optimism blind us to very real competitive disadvantages manufacturers continue to face in the United States.”

Timmons writes that regulatory compliance and corporate tax burdens are hindering manufacturing growth and urges Congress to implement pro-growth and pro-manufacturing policies. He continues by saying that when manufacturers “storm Capitol Hill” this week, they will urge Congress to establish a permanent R&D tax credit, encourage a trade agenda that opens markets and reauthorizes the Export-Import Bank, promote Federal job training programs, and emphasize an “all-of-the-above” strategy towards energy production.

Timmons writes that getting Congress to take action on all of these initiatives “won’t be easy, but manufacturers have always been up for a challenge.”



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