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Lt. Governor Mike Parson outlines pro-business agenda

From Missourinet:

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson (R) outlined his business agenda Tuesday in Jefferson City, before the Missouri Economic Development Council winter conference. The Bolivar Republican spoke to about 150 business leaders, business owners and economic development professionals at the Council’s luncheon, which took place at the Capitol Plaza Hotel. Parson wants to see more retirees move to the Show-Me State. He says about 10,000 Americans retire daily. He asked the crowd to imagine if just one percent of them moved to Missouri. “Because if they’re from states like New Jersey or the East coast, New York, cost of living’s extremely high,” says Parson. “They make good money when they’re working, but how do we get them to Missouri where it’s a lot cheaper, a lot more relaxed atmosphere for them, and if we can get one percent, that’s more houses that’s more homes, that’s more groceries.” Parson also wants to roll back what he describes as “frivolous regulations”, saying that Missouri’s regulatory environment “has gotten out of hand”. He tells the audience that the biggest thing he heard from Missourians during the campaign involved government overregulation.

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