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Leadership announced for House and Senate

Leadership posts for the Missouri House and Senate have been announced.  Missouri Republicans maintained their majority in both chambers. Here is a list of elected officials:


President Pro Tem Dave Schatz

Majority Floor Leader Caleb Rowden

Assistant Majority Floor Leader Wayne Wallingford

Caucus Chair Dan Hegeman

Whip Sandy Crawford

Minority Floor Leader Gina Walsh

Assistant Minority Floor Leader Kiki Curls

Minority Caucus Chair Karla May

Minority Whip Jamilah Nasheed


Speaker Elijah Haahr

Speaker Pro Tem John Wiemann

Majority Floor Leader Rob Vescovo

Assistant Majority Floor Leader J. Eggleston

Majority Whip Steve Lynch

Caucus Chair Sonya Anderson

Caucus Secretary Chris Dinkins

Policy Development Chair Jeff Messenger

Minority Floor Leader Crystal Quade

Assistant Minority Floor Leader DaRon McGee

Minority Caucus Chair Tommie Pierson Jr.

Minority Whip Brandon Ellington


Chairman Steven Roberts Jr

Vice Chair Ashley Manlove

Treasurer Richard Brown

Secretary LaKeysha Bosley

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