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Keeping up with AIM, helping us get the word out

This week, we here at AIM released a series of what we felt were very important reports, meticulously researched, professionally vetted, easily accessed, rebutting the arguments Governor Nixon has been using against the bills dealing with the Department of Revenue that he vetoed earlier this summer.

The response from the media that has been duly noting every word coming from the governor’s mouth on this topic?



Not a single word in any news media outlet that we have been able to find has mentioned this work that has been Ray McCarty’s sole focus for most of the summer so far.

While the press has been repeating every misinformed sentence the governor has been saying in scaring local leaders, educators, and legislators alike, when the other side is presented, they are totally mute.

It appears the media was blinded by the appearance of President Obama in Kansas City, or maybe it was Senator Claire McCaskill’s campaign against sexual violence on college campuses. The media will focus on shiny objects that are easy to digest. Many figure if these reports took longer than ten minutes for them to read, the subject matter is too complex for their readers.

But the subject matter is all important. It’s information that needs to be passed along, if not to casual watchers of the evening news, then to business leaders and decision makers who need to be armed with important information to make important decisions.

That’s where you come in. We need your help. We know that many of you interact with clients, colleagues, and customers through electronic media of some kind…Facebook pages, Twitter, Linked-In, etc. When you receive reports like these, blog posts about important topics, topical information that you and your business colleagues can use, we ask you to pass the information along through your electronic media. Re-tweet our Twitter feed, link a blog article on your Facebook page, share information with your Linked-in circle.

We tweet a lot. If you’re not with us on twitter, you’re missing a lot of information. Not just stuff from us here in Jefferson City, but news you need to know from a wide variety of sources. Our twitter handle is @AIMtweet13.

Our blog posts can be found by clicking on the “Latest News” tab on our website at There you can sign up to be alerted in your email inbox when we post a new blog article. Just go to the right side of the screen and enter your email in the appropriate box.

We post links to our blog posts on our Facebook page at

Again, we will try not to waste your valuable time. When we put something out to our blog site, or to the general public, we feel it’s important, worth your time to read, and worthwhile to share. We also want to share your information with other members of our association. Please feel free to email Ray ( or I ( with your Twitter and Facebook and Linked-In and blog information.

Information in any association is important. Information is power. Help us spread information.

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