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House passes bill to stop “Notification by Audit”

The Missouri House of Representatives Thursday gave final passage to a bill that would require the Department of Revenue to notify sellers when changes occur to sales tax.

House Bill 299, sponsored by House Speaker Pro Tem Rep. Denny Hoskins (R-Warrensburg) achieved final passage in the House by a 150-1 margin

The notification will need to be issued to the sellers by 90 days before the change goes into effect. the notification must also be sent by email or other “similar secure electronic means”.

“This bill will stop the practice of ‘Notification by Audit,'” said Hoskins.

The practice Hoskins refers to a practice by the Department of Revenue in which changes to sales tax definitions are often not noticed by business owners until they are audited by the Department.

These surprise decisions often lead to great economic hardship…and even business closure.

Similar legislation made it through the legislature in several pieces of legislation last session, only to be vetoed by Governor Nixon.

House Bill 299 is now on its way to the State Senate.



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