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House overrides governor’s veto of “paycheck protection” legislation

The Missouri House Wednesday overrode Governor Nixon’s veto of legislation that allows state workers to opt in or out of paying for union representation.

The so-called “paycheck protection” bill, House Bill 1891, sponsored by Rep. Holly Rehder , would require public employees, except for first responders such as firefighters and police, to opt in each year for union dues to be taken out of their paychecks or for those amounts to be used for political campaign contributions. Unions would have to keep financial information available to its public employee membership.

The veto override came on a vote of 109-47, the minimum number needed for a veto override. The override attempt hung in the balance for several minutes until Republican Representative Ron Hicks walked into the chamber and voted for the override. Also voting in favor was Democratic State Representative Courtney Curtis of Ferguson.

The bill now goes back to the State Senate for an override attempt. It takes 23 votes in the Senate to override a governor’s veto.

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