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House committee reverses course; approves “collateral source” bill

Following hard work by AIM and others, the Missouri House’s Civil and Criminal Proceedings Committee reversed course this week, reviving SB847, and voting it “Do Pass” with the help of three Republicans who originally voted to defeat the bill.

SB 847, sponsored by Sen. Ed Emery, allows plaintiffs to seek reimbursement for the actual amount paid for medical services, not the amount that is initially billed but never paid.

Earlier this month, Republican House members Rep. Andrew McDaniel, Rep. Galen Higdon, Rep. Allen Andrews and Rep. Nick Marshall all joined with Democrats on the committee to kill the bill. Only quick thinking by committee chair Rep. Joe Don McGaugh, who voted “No” to be able to bring the bill up again for reconsideration, kept the bill from being defeated for this session.

AIM president Ray McCarty wrote an article on the Republicans who voted “No”, and when McGaugh brought the bill up again before the committee, Reps. McDaniel, Higdon and Andrews all voted “Yes” to pass the bill out of committee by an 8-3 margin. Rep. Marshall, an attorney, continued his opposition with a “No” vote.

The bill will now be assigned to a House Select Committee for final action before moving on to the floor of the House for debate and a final vote. SB 847 passed the Senate on a 25-7 vote.



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