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House committee advances AIM-backed expert witness bills

Bills that would allow Missouri to join 40 other states and the federal government in using federal standards to determine whether a witness is an expert or not in a court proceeding have cleared another hurdle on their way to passage in the Missouri House.

Both House Bill 1676 sponsored by State Representative Kevin Corlew (R-Kansas City) and Senate Bill 591 sponsored by State Senator Mike Parson (R-Bolivar) were voted “Do Pass” by the House’s Civil and Criminal Proceedings Committee on a 7-5 vote.


Rep. Kevin Corlew

“The Daubert expert standard is a fair and consistent standard for all parties in the pursuit of justice and case disposition,” said Rep. Corlew. “Studies show that the length of litigation and its attendant costs are reduced in courts that use the Daubert expert standard. The efficiency gained for parties and an overburdened court system cannot be overstated.”

The bills are similar in language. Senate Bill 591 came out of the Senate with two  amendments, including one that allows a landowner to testify as to the value of his own property. The Senate bill passed out of the body on a 20-10 vote last week.

The bills will next move on to the House Select Committee on the Judiciary. If they are voted “Do Pass” in that committee then they would be be placed on the House’s perfection calendar.

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