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House Budget Chairman Scott Fitzpatrick named next treasurer by Gov. Parson

Gov. Mike Parson named House Budget Chairman Scott Fitzpatrick as the incoming State Treasurer. Fitzpatrick will be replacing current-Treasurer Eric Schmitt in January 2019.

“From the beginning of this administration, it has been a top priority that we strive to provide stability and instill confidence for all Missourians – that we can and will move forward. Missourians will soon have another fully qualified, ready to lead, fiscal conservative managing the Treasurer’s office,” said Parson.

“I want to thank Governor Parson for the tremendous honor of being selected as Missouri’s next State Treasurer,” said Fitzpatrick. “As House budget chairman, I’ve worked to protect Missouri taxpayers by passing balanced budgets that eliminate wasteful spending while investing in our shared priorities. As State Treasurer, I’ll continue to work each and every day to promote government transparency and efficiency.”


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