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House advances mine assessment bill

The Missouri House of Representatives Wednesday gave first round approval to legislation that mandates some property purchased for mining be assessed according to the way in which the real property is currently being used.

House Bill 2381 is sponsored by Rep. Craig Redmon. It specifies that any real property that is available for mining but has not been bonded or permitted for such mining activity shall be assessed in accordance with its current use. Any confidential information provided to a county assessor or other public entity which administers tax policies, including individual taxpayer information and information specific to a taxpayer’s mine property, shall not be disclosed.

House Bill 2381 was passed by the House’s Select Committee on State and Local Government on a 10-0 vote in March. On Wednesday, it was perfected on the House floor without amendment and given first round approval on a voice vote. The bill still faces a final recorded vote before moving on to the State Senate.

The bill is the same as Senate Bill 622, sponsored by Sen. Gary Romine, which is on the Senate’s calendar for debate.

Associated Industries of Missouri supports this legislation.



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