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Hallmark Celebrates 100th Anniversary of Gift Wrap

This holiday season, Hallmark is celebrating the 100th anniversary of gift wrap. In Christmastime of 1917, just two years before AIM was formed to write Missouri’s first worker’s compensation law, Hallmark ran out of the tissue paper that was traditionally used for gift dressing. Rollie B. Hall, founder J.C. Hall’s older brother, searched the warehouse and found recently imported French envelope liners that were brightly colored and highly stylized. These were put on the market, and sold out quickly. The following year Halls stocked up heavily and still sold out. The brothers saw they had a hit and started manufacturing their own gift wrap shortly after.

“Hallmark is committed to helping people emotionally connect with one another,” said Mary Emanuel, creative director of gift wrap, Hallmark Cards, Inc. “Our cards and gifts help people build stronger relationships with the people they love. It’s incredibly special to know that our gift wrap has been a part of so many meaningful moments over the last 100 years.”

To commemorate this anniversary, Hallmark artists drew inspiration from four original gift wrap prints from nearly 100 years ago, reimagined them, and created four new wrapping paper designs that are sold together this holiday in a special edition four-pack.



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