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Grow Missouri, AIM and NFIB host Governor Sam Brownback for luncheon

Speaker Diehl Gov Brownback

Speaker John Diehl and Governor Sam Brownback

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback was in Jefferson City on Wednesday, speaking at an invitation-only event that was open to Associated Industries of Missouri members, NFIB members, and legislators.

Gov Brownback Ray McCarty

Governor Sam Brownback and AIM President/CEO Ray McCarty

Governor Brownback talked about success in Kansas that has not received media attention.  Instead, the media has focused on the cost of the tax cuts his administration was instrumental in implementing – especially eliminating the tax on 95% of the businesses operating in Kansas and lowering the income tax rates for individuals.  He said business owners are reinvesting the tax savings in their businesses and the results of the tax cuts are showing in several statewide statistics, including wage growth which is higher in Kansas City, Kansas, than in Kansas City, Missouri.

Governor Brownback also noted that private sector employment from 2011-2013 has grown faster than in Missouri while he has taken steps to trim state government spending and jobs. He lamented the fact that some in the media do not distinguish between public sector jobs and private sector jobs when attempting to show that the tax cuts favored by his administration are not working. He also noted Kansas has enjoyed record numbers of new business filings and income which is stimulating the economy in his state.

He said his philosophy for creating a successful environment for business included right to work, lowering taxes, and controlling government spending.



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