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Governor Nixon Signs Several Bills Today, Including Work Comp, Sales Tax Refunds, Buy Missouri, Haza

July 10, 2012 – Governor Jay Nixon has signed several bills today, including several priority bills of interest to Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) members.

The Governor signed HB 1540, an AIM-supported bill that will prevent employees from suing each other in most worker’s compensation cases.  AIM led the charge to correct a flaw in the law that had been used by plaintiff’s attorneys to sue co-employees in regular work situations – injuries that should have been covered under worker’s compensation insurance as the exclusive remedy.

HB 1504 contains an AIM provision that will allow purchasers to file sales tax refunds with the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) directly when a vendor refuses to participate in the refund process, or if the vendor voluntarily signs a release allowing the taxpayer to seek the refund directly from the DOR. The bill also limits penalties and interest that may be charged on city license taxes to the amount that is allowed for sales tax and states that the timeline for bringing suits for delinquent license taxes is the same as in the sales tax law.  HB 1504 was signed into law today.

HB 1402 clarifies a sales tax exemption for trucks licensed for 54,000 pounds or more, the trailers pulled by such trucks and the repair parts, materials and equipment purchased for use on such trucks from sales and use taxes.  Another provision of the bill keeps municipalities from enacting ordinances that prohibit commercial traffic on public streets and roads in the municipality. The bill also allows some billboard replacements that are not allowed under current law.  Governor Nixon signed the bill today.

HB 1251 is AIM-supported language that we passed by working with REGFORM.  The bill says hazardous waste regulations at the state level may not be stricter or require action sooner than federal law except in certain circumstances.  The bill also contains a provision drafted by one of AIM’s members that allows permit applicants more time to prepare for challenges of permits.  The Governor signed this bill today, as well as .HB 1647, a bill that addresses the hazardous waste regulations.

The Governor also signed HB 1231, a bill that gives Missouri bricks and forest products preference when the state is purchasing such items.

There may be more bills signed and we will update the blog when we learn of them.  Any bills not vetoed by Saturday, July 14, will become law without the Governor’s signature.  CLICK HERE FOR A COMPLETE LIST SHOWING THE GOVERNOR’S ACTION ON BILLS.

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