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Governor Mike Parson gives first State of the State address

Wednesday afternoon, Governor Parson gave his first State of the State Address. Governor Parson discussed several very important issues facing Missourians.

He discussed the need to promote Missouri and its resources and people.

Parson announced $22 million towards a new scholarship program called Fast Track, which will allow Missourians to receive training locally in high-demand areas. The Governor also announced $10 million towards a new fund known as Missouri One Start, which is an increase and consolidation of the Missouri Works program. Finally, he announced $16 million for the creation of Missouri Excels, a program for Missouri Higher Education Institutions to develop and expand employer-driven education, training programs, and initiatives to increase career readiness.

The Governor announced several long-term investments in Missouri’s infrastructure, beginning with $5 million to help every Missourian have access to high-speed broadband internet. He also announced $350 million were being freed up to allow MoDOT to begin immediate work on nearly 250 bridges. $50 million was announced for a transportation cost share program to assist cities and counties with addressing infrastructure needs.

Finally, Parson announced several efforts to improve the health of Missouri citizens. These efforts included substantial increases to help those facing mental health challenges, expand telemedicine technology, combat the opioid crisis, and better serve those in need. The Governor also announced a proposed $1 million towards autism research.



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