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Governor Mike Parson expands special session call to include COVID liability protection

November 12, 2020 - Governor Mike Parson announced this morning he is expanding the current special session to include consideration of legislation that would provide protection from frivolous COVID-19 exposure lawsuits.

The legislation has yet to be completely developed as it moves through the legislative process, but AIM is working to extend the protection to businesses that are following federal, state and local guidelines to protect their employees and customers. AIM has been working with other business groups and the Governor's staff to develop language that provides adequate protection for those trying their best to protect their employees and customers and those rising to the occasion and manufacturing PPE during the crisis.

The Governor said the proposed legislation would include liability protection for healthcare facilities and workers, product manufacturers that have manufactured products in response to the emergency declaration, and premises liability that will protect all other employers that are following federal state and local guidelines issued by health agencies.

"Associated Industries of Missouri applauds Governor Parson's decision to expand the special session to include these categories of protection from frivolous lawsuits launched by opportunistic plaintiffs' attorneys looking to profit from this pandemic," said Ray McCarty, president of Associated Industries of Missouri. "We are grateful to leaders of the Missouri Senate and Missouri House that have worked with the Governor's office in making this announcement today and we look forward to working the bill through the legislative process."

Associate Industries of Missouri sent a letter October 8 asking Governor Parson to convene a special session to address COVID liability protection after the elections and prior to the start of the 2021 Legislative Session in January. AIM has been working on this legislation since the middle of the last legislative session.

Associated Industries of Missouri is working with many other business organizations through the Missouri Civil Justice Reform Coalition on this matter. For more on the Coalition, you may click here.

AIM will update members on our progress over the next several weeks as this legislation advances.

For the Governor's full press release, click HERE.



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