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Governor Greitens signs Right-to-Work into law

Governor Eric Greitens signed legislation allowing Missouri workers to opt out of joining a labor union on Monday. Missouri is the 28th Right-to-Work state in the nation.

“The states that have passed [right-to-work laws] in the last few years have shown unemployment drop considerably, so I think this is a big deal for all Missouri working families,” said state Rep. Holly Rehder (R), the bill’s lead sponsor. “I think that it’s not a silver bullet, but it’s definitely a tool in our tool box now, and we can move on to some other things to make Missouri even more business-friendly.”

Associated Industries of Missouri and other business groups have worked for many years to make Missouri a Right-to-Work state.

You can watch Ray McCarty’s interview on ABC 17 on Right-to-Work here.



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