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Governor Greitens names outsider, businessman as the head of Department of Revenue


Governor Greitens released the following statement, “Joel Walters has spent his career helping businesses understand tax and business environments around the globe so that they can grow and create jobs. Joel will be a key member of our team and a leader in our fight for taxes that are simple, fair to everyone, and low. He’s an outsider and a tough negotiator who will help us create an environment that helps businesses to grow in Missouri. He’s going to fight for the people, against the special interests, to create jobs that will create opportunity for all.”

Joel Walters released the following statement, “I’m looking forward to working with the Governor to create jobs and ensure that Missouri’s tax system encourages businesses to come and invest in our people. I’ve seen the damage that over burdensome taxes can have on job creation, and seen the global competition for jobs firsthand. We’re going to take those lessons and put them to work fighting for the people of Missouri to win jobs back to this state.”

Joel Walters currently leads Pricewaterhosue Coopers’ US tax practice focused on foreign businesses investing into the US. In that role, Joel works on tax structures for companies around the world, from multinational corporations to small businesses. He has spent 16 years in private practice as well as 20 years in senior corporate finance positions at major companies, helping them to understand complicated tax structures, grow their businesses, and create jobs. Joel holds an accounting degree from Gustavus Adolphus College, a law degree from the University of Minnesota and an LL.M. degree from Georgetown University. He is a CPA in Minnesota, New York and Washington, D.C.