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Good election results reporting sites

For those of you interested in following the statewide election results tonight…let me recommend a couple of website addresses for you.

This is the Secretary of State’s official results page. You can look races up by district for State Senate, State Representative, Judicial Circuit and by Constitutional amendment number.  The site in the past has had reliability issues, i.e. crashing on very heavy turnout nights, but this should not be one of those.

This website address will take you to an interesting page run by University of Missouri Journalism professor Phill Brooks. You will note on the page there is a setting where you can track the trending numbers of Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate as the night goes on. This is an invaluable service, and will help you with the only intrigue of the night in Missouri elections…whether or not the Republicans hold on to veto proof majorities in the House and Senate. It looks a pretty safe bet in both houses, but the House of Representatives could be a close call.

As far as results across the country tonight…it looks like CNN’s election page is very easy to read…with the Senate and House trends easy to find on the front page of the site…when the numbers start coming in later this evening. You can find the CNN site here:

If you’re more of a Fox News person…the Fox News site looks quite a lot like the CNN site with the House and Senate breakdowns right on the front page of the election website. You can find the Fox News election result home page here:

Remember, our analyst from NAM yesterday told us that the race for control of the U.S. Senate will be very close, with the final margin being only one or two senate seats either way.

We will have complete election results here in this blog space tomorrow by mid morning at the latest.



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