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From the Rolla Daily News: Business association CEO talks minimum wage

Unless a last-minute deal happens, no new minimum wage will go into effect in Missouri cities by next Friday, a representative of state business trade association told local officials Friday morning.

Ray McCarty, president and CEO of the Associated Industries of Missouri, was the guest speaker at Rolla Regional Economic Commission meeting co-hosted by the Rolla Area Chamber of Commerce at Oak Meadow Country Club.

Several area city and organization leaders as well as business representatives attended. Republican state Reps. Keith Frederick and Jason Chipman also were in attendance.

McCarty provided attendees with an update on the status of efforts to raise the minimum wage in Missouri as well as the impact on employers and employees.

A piece of legislation, HB 722, which was passed by the Missouri Legislature but vetoed by Gov. Jay Nixon would have barred cities from setting a minimum wage higher than the state’s minimum wage, which is currently $7.65.

Missouri’s minimum wage is calculated once a year and may increase or decrease based on the cost of living as measured by the previous year’s Consumer Price Index. State law does not allow the Missouri’s minimum wage rate to be lower than the federal minimum wage rate, which is currently $7.25.



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