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From NAM: Manufacturers victorious as NLRB abandons union poster rule.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) declined to ask the Supreme Court to review a lower court ruling striking down its poster rule as government overreach by the January 2 deadline.

“Manufacturers start off the new year with great news in our fight against an overreaching NLRB,” said NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons. “This is the culmination of the NAM’s aggressive legal pursuit against a government-imposed regulation that would create a hostile work environment while injecting politics into manufacturers’ day-to-day business operations.”

The poster ruling would have required manufacturers to post a notice in their workplaces informing employees of their right to organize and strike.

“By allowing the deadline for filing a Supreme Court appeal to pass, the NLRB has tacitly acknowledged its overreach in the case, letting stand an important victory for manufacturers’ First Amendment rights,” noted NAM Senior Vice President and General Counsel Linda Kelly.

This victory was hard-fought. The NAM began the litigation in 2011, and we prevailed in pushing back on the NLRB’s overreach, saving manufacturers from an onerous and unfair mandate.

“Stopping the NLRB’s attempts to insert itself into manufacturers’ workplaces is essential to preventing further government-inflicted damage to employee relations in the United States,” said NAM Vice President of Human Resources Policy Joe Trauger.

With the launch of our new Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action, the NAM is well-positioned to take on future legal challenges. The Center is building on the victory in the NLRB case through a challenge to a similar poster requirement that targets federal contractors. Moving into 2014, we are evaluating challenges to a variety of regulations coming from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Labor, Environmental Protection Agency and Securities and Exchange Commission.

“While this victory is a watershed moment, the NAM—through the Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action—will continue to fight against the threat of overly aggressive agendas from government agencies,” said Timmons. Read our cover story on the Center in Member Focus, the NAM’s flagship digital magazine. For highlights of the most significant cases affecting manufacturers, click here for The Center News, the Center’s monthly publication.



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