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Ford rolls out new utility van

Wednesday was a big day for Associated Industries of Missouri Circle of Elite Organizations member Ford Motor Company.

With business leaders, union management, politicians and Ford Motor Company president of the Americas Joe Hinrichs looking on, the first Transit van officially rolled off the assembly line at Ford’s Claycomo plant near Kansas City.

The first Transit van was a significant milestone in a long journey that began back in 2010 when it looked like Ford would be building its new project elsewhere.

That’s when Missouri manufacturers stepped in, and AIM drafted the Missouri Manufacturing Act, a series of incentives that kept Ford in Missouri, leading to the increase of 2,000 jobs at the Claycomo plant, with an additional 800 more to be hired in the near future.

The act continues to pay big dividends as several more automotive related businesses have moved to Missouri or increased their operations here.

Read more about Wednesday’s roll off in this coverage by the Kansas City Business Journal.



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