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Food for thought

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Did you know that the food industry is Missouri’s top manufacturing sector? We grow and produce a LOT of food that feeds the world. Did you also know that all food manufacturers are subject to intensive food safety rules, regulations and requirements? So are suppliers, packagers, storage providers and logistics partners. Essentially, if your company produces or touches food products at almost any stage, you face oversight by multiple state, federal and international food safety organizations, in addition to the demands from your customers and consumers.

The rules are changing, and food manufacturers need to know. In 2013, the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) introduced HARPC to address unintentional hazards that can occur at food facilities that manufacture, process, pack or store human food. Unlike HACCP which applies primarily to seafood, meat, poultry and juice producers, HARPC covers the entire food chain including owners and operators of food production, packaging, transportation and storage facilities, all of whom now hold responsibility for establishing and implementing a cross-functional HARPC plan. Missouri Enterprise has the expertise to guide you through HACCP, HARPC and more.  As a food manufacturer, you are the expert in your industry, and you know your product better than anyone. At Missouri Enterprise, we are experts in management systems, and we have the skills to help you achieve and maintain the food safety compliance and certifications your company needs to succeed and grow profitably.

Establishing and maintaining food safety management programs must be a critical part of your operations and the way you do business. It’s an ongoing process, an integral part of your everyday operations and it should be a part of your company culture.

For larger food manufacturers we can be outside eyes and help enhance and improve food safety management systems. Smaller manufacturers and suppliers in the food industry can benefit from our expertise in establishing and implementing the management systems needed to achieve required food safety compliance and certifications.

To help our Missouri manufacturers survive and prosper through the ever-changing world of food safety, the Missouri Enterprise project management team has undergone extensive training in the various food safety initiatives, laws and programs that are critical to maintaining safety in food processing and handling. We have HACCP Certified experts on staff, and an extensive knowledge base to help your company prepare for the critical food safety certifications that will help you grow your business profitably.

To learn how your company can take the steps necessary to achieve important food safety certifications, and how to develop and implement the management systems your company needs to effectively manage food safety now and into the future, contact your Area Business Manager.

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