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Featured Member: Zephyr Manufacturing Company

Zephyr Manufacturing Company, based in Sedalia, MO, is Your One Stop Source for Quality Cleaning Products®. They boast a large variety of products, offering a multitude of different mops, brooms, brushes and associated products to accommodate hospitals, prisons, service contractors and everywhere in between.


The stable customer base is made up of distributors and redistribution wholesalers who aim to sell products to the institutional, industrial, janitorial and foodservice markets. Eighty percent of the products are sold in the Midwest corridor of the country, however, Zephyr distributes products all over the world.

rj lindstrom.jpg

Fourth-generation President, R.J. Lindstrom

Today, R.J. Lindstrom, the fourth generation of family management, serves as President. R.J. says that his father and predecessor, John Lindstrom, did not hand him the family company and that he had to earn it. R.J. didn’t grow up in the mop business, and he only worked at Zephyr for a summer when he was 16. It wasn’t until three years after he graduated from Truman State University that his father put the idea on the table. R.J.’s ownership was never guaranteed and the same goes for his children, although he would love to pass it on to one of them someday.

The company continues to upgrade and modernize its manufacturing equipment with in-house design and build projects that allow it to prosper in today’s world market. Continuous upgrades to computer services and telecommunication equipment are maintained to keep the company responsive and competitive in the electronic age.

“Zephyr’s greatest strength lies in its long-standing tradition of selling quality products at a reasonable price coupled with great customer service,” said R.J.

‘Bringing jobs home’ has a been an initiative for Zephyr in recent years. 15-20% of Zephyr’s goods that would have been imported from around the world are now produced in the U.S. Zephyr’s biggest import includes brooms produced in Mexico. However, the majority of Zephyr’s products are manufactured in Sedalia at the plant, which utilizes about 35 employees.

Zephyr, a company that takes pride in supplying its customers with quality products, competitive prices, prompt service and accurate customer service, has ensured success for almost 90 years through family ownership and a dedication to quality.

Brought to you by Associated Industries of Missouri and Missouri Enterprise. 


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