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Featured Member: The Doe Run Company

We all know the Doe Run Company is an important part of Missouri’s economy. You may know of Doe Run’s mills and mines, but did you know they also operate a lead battery recycling plant? The recycling plant means Doe Run manages most of the life cycle of lead.

Lead batteries are essential to everyday life. Lead batteries make up 75% of the world’s battery market, and have over 100 years of safe use. They also have a 99% recycling rate.

Doe Run has spent $57 million on environmental and remediation projects, achieved 10 years with no lost time incidents at Bushy Creek Mill, received a “Perfect Safety Award” for the 17th year at its manufacturing subsidiary, Fabricated Products, Inc, and won its 28th Sentinels of Safety award.

Doe Run also supports STEM Education. The company has donated $10,000 to Project Lead The Way curriculum, a $50,000 air compressor to Missouri S&T, and donates $12,000 a year to Missouri S&T, Mineral Area College and Southwest Baptist University. The Doe Run Company is a major contributor to the local economy, employing 1,200 people in Missouri.



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