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Featured Member: BioKyowa

BioKyowa is a leading biochemical manufacturer that utilizes a combination of advanced fermentation and chemical process unit operations to produce bulk amino acids in various grades.


Located in Cape Girardeau, BioKyowa was the first major plant investment by a Japanese company in the state of Missouri when it began construction in 1982. Over the past 30 years, it has evolved from a feed grade facility that produced a single product to a multiple plant facility that produces high quality amino acids using advanced biotechnology.

Thirteen different amino acids are produced for use in the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, cosmetic, functional food and beverage industries at the BioKyowa facility. Thousands of metric tons of product are made annually in bulk via advanced fermentation and purification processes.

biokyowa 3.jpg

Additionally, BioKyowa is very active in its efforts to meet customer needs for quality products. In fact, they operate 24/7 year-round to supply customers worldwide. Capacity at the plant has increased by 50% in the past five years to keep up with growing demand, and approximately half of their products are sold outside the USA. Operational stability is enhanced with 14 of the current 178 employees having been at the site since 1984, when it first began operations.

“The global demand for high-value premium amino acids has recently increased due to the spread of advanced medical care and the rise of healthcare consciousness all over the world,” says President Akinori Yasuhara. “With this growth, our products are used globally for pharmaceuticals, health foods, and the other industrial applications today. All of our employees actively work with pride and confidence to convey safe and high quality products to customers.”

In April 2016, BioKyowa’s facility was showcased on the Fox Business News nightly feature on American manufacturing. It has also received several awards including the Missouri Society of Professional Engineering’s “Governor’s New Product Award” and the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce Industry of the Year Award in 1991 and 2001.

Thus, BioKyowa’s 30+ year track record combined with a continuous improvement approach has it well positioned to be the premier US supplier of amino acids for the next generation.

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