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Ex-Im Bank’s survival said to be “under assault”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (7/18, Gilbert, Barrett) reports that the Export-Import Bank’s “survival is under assault” despite support from business groups likes the NAM. Other supporters of the Bank like Sen. Tammy Baldwin think that “getting rid of the bank because it intervenes in the free market ignores the reality of global commerce.” The uncertainty about the Bank’s reauthorization is making local manufacturers uneasy as it will significantly impact their business.

Landrieu, Boustany Say Ex-Im Bank Is “Critical” To Louisiana’s Economy. The New Orleans Times-Picayune(7/18, Alpert) reports that Sen. Mary Landrieu and Rep. Charles Boustany support legislation to reauthorize the Bank, promoting it as a “Louisiana jobs producer.” Landrieu “doesn’t understand how anyone in the Louisiana delegation could oppose the bank’s reauthorization,” and they both agree that the bank, which has supported over $1 billion worth of Louisiana exports and operated at a profit for the last five years, could not be replaced by a private sector bank.



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