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Environmental webinar postponed one day; features former EPA general counsel

Now that EPA has issued its final Clean Power Plan regulations, industry litigation challenges will begin. We want you to be informed of what is happening now, and what may happen down the line as industry groups in Washington D.C. begin the fight against the President’s carbon emission standards.

On Friday, August 14 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm CDT, we will feature a webinar with former EPA General Counsel Roger Martella, now in private practice at Sidley & Austin. Roger formerly was General Counsel of the United States Environmental Protection Agency where he worked on EPA’s response to the Supreme Court ruling that carbon can be subject to regulation under the Clean Air Act.  As an attorney at Sidley Austin LLP, Roger works with clients to analyze and understand the Clean Power Plan regulations, implications for industry, potential litigation challenges, and the states’ responses.  Roger will offer insights to AIM members and their leaders on how EPA’s new regulations will affect their businesses over the next several years.

Look for your invitation for this important webinar, and be sure to sign up for what promises to be an intelligent and lively discussion of where industry goes next as it seeks some kind of common ground with the latest environmental standards coming from Washington D.C.

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