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Effort to Stop Costly EPA Regulation Fails in U.S. Senate

November 10, 2011 – Senate Joint Resolution 27, sponsored by Sen. Rand Paul, would have disapproved a rule submitted by the Environmental Protection Agency regulating the interstate travel of emissions from power plants.  That rule will, according to the EPA, add an estimated $800 million per year in increased costs for utility companies in addition to the $1.6 billion in capital improvements already planned by utility companies to comply with the existing Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR).

The National Association of Manufacturers, in an action supported by Associated Industries of Missouri, filed a petition with the EPA to block implementation of the rule, citing the impact to all electricity users that would result from the rule.  Click here for the full petition by NAM.

Senator Roy Blunt supported Paul’s resolution, while Senator Claire McCaskill voted against further consideration of the resolution.  Further consideration of the resolution was defeated on a 41-56 vote, with some Republican senators voting against the resolution.  Click here for the vote.

Associated Industries of Missouri opposes federal regulations that cost Missouri jobs, like the EPA rule on cross-state air pollution that this resolution would have stopped.  We are disappointed that the current Administration is continuing to increase costs of Missouri employers at a time when the Administration is asking the private sector to create jobs.  Click here to access the EPA website with facts about this misguided rule.

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