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DOR no longer sending rate change notifications

In a statement, the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR) said it will no longer send out courtesy rate notification letters for events such as the recent Back to School Sales Tax Holiday or other events like the Show Me Green Sales Tax Holiday. Additionally, DOR will not issue the Quarterly Rate Notification Changes to inform taxpayers within a taxing jurisdiction of a rate change.

Information concerning rate changes, including the new rates, and access to the sales and use tax rate table is available on the Department’s website at, under the “Sales/Use Tax Rates” section. 

The Department encourages businesses to file their business tax returns through their MyTax Missouri Portal account online. The correct rates will be provided on the electronic return for each location. If you do not have an account, you may visit and select ‘create an account’ on the main login page. If you choose not to obtain a MyTax Missouri account, you may still file your sales and use tax returns electronically as a guest.



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