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DOE Makes Small Modular Reactor Announcement

Ameren Missouri and Westinghouse announced Tuesday they will continue their partnership’s pursuit of the United States Department of Energy’s follow-on solicitation for Small Modular Reactor programs.

The announcement came after the DOE announced it would award the initial federal grant for its SMR program to Babcock and Wilcox Company in the Tennessee Valley Authority on Tuesday.

 “We look forward to continuing our discussions with the DOE on this important project for our country and our state,” said Warner Baxter, president and CEO of Ameren Missouri. “In particular, we look forward to further demonstrating how the unprecedented alliance of key stakeholders throughout the state of Missouri, who have expressed strong support for this program, will help the Ameren Missouri-Westinghouse team deliver on the DOE’s objectives for this project.”

Ameren Missouri and Westinghouse extensively pursued the $435 million DOE award by working with numerous stakeholders, including: Gov. Jay Nixon, Missouri Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt, Congressional and state legislative leaders, and business partners including Associated Industries of Missouri.

State leaders expressed their feelings after the government’s announcement.

“Missouri’s central location, key infrastructure and universities with nationally recognized nuclear engineering programs make it the best location for this project,” said Sen. Roy Blunt.



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