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Dixon drops out of GOP contest for governor; four candidates remain

From St. Louis Public Radio News

Missouri’s crowded GOP contest for governor has lost a participant, as state Sen. Bob Dixon is dropping out.

The departure of Dixon, R-Springfield, isn’t entirely unexpected. He was at the bottom of the pack when it came to fundraising. His last campaign finance report showed him with less than $83,000 in the bank.

Dixon also had to deal with some personal issues stemming from his past. His campaign announcement in July soon forced to him to discuss his years in the mid-1980s when he lived as a gay man. Dixon has renounced that lifestyle, is married and has three children. In the General Assembly, he has been a staunch social conservative.

The remaining Republican contenders, set to compete in next year’s primary, are Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, former House Speaker Catherine Hanaway, St. Louis businessman John Brunner and author/former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens.

So far, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is the only major Democrat seeking the job.

Candidate filing begins in late February.

In Monday’s announcement, Dixon thanked his supporters.

“Your authentic support inspired me every day. Together, I know we could have renewed the Spirit of Missouri and made our state a place of renewed freedom where no one, rich or poor, would settle for living off the backs or the work of others, but rather a place where all would be free to determine their destiny and enjoy the reward of their own labor.”



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