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Congressman Sam Graves stops by AIM offices

U.S. Representative Sam Graves stopped by the Associated Industries of Missouri offices this week to visit with business leaders on several business issues.

Business leaders talked with the Congressman about the importance of the Ex-Im Bank.  AIM president Ray McCarty noted while other countries are willing to help their businesses do business abroad, the U.S. is showing reluctance to support this bank that is self-supporting and helps our small and mid-sized businesses compete for international business. Congressman Graves noted he supports the Ex-Im Bank reauthorization and is working with his colleagues on the issue.

Congressman Graves also noted his work on the federal transportation reauthorization bill.  He said while Congress has passed short-term “patches” for the federal funding of roads, he expects a long term transportation bill to be passed by the deadline for passage at the end of May.

AIM members also talked with the Congressman about the problematic rules coming from the EPA.  Congressman Graves noted the elected officials in Washington are using their power over the budget to try to reign in the EPA programs.  He also cited additional federal legislation that would require programs with large impact to be approved by Congress.

Congressman Graves also talked about renewal of federal tax provisions and he expressed some optimism that a solution would be found that would allow permanent extension of those tax provisions.

AIM thanks Congressman Graves for stopping by to ask about issues that are important to Missouri business and for his leadership in Congress to continuously focus his attention on what is best for Missouri taxpayers and Missouri businesses.



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