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Congressman Sam Graves files bill to “Stop the EPA”

Dear Friend,

President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency continue to test the boundaries, pushing a radical agenda that could have a devastating impact on our economy.

Obama recently announced a plan that would require coal power plants to reduce their emissions nearly 33 percent over the next 15 years. Our electric utilities in Missouri have taken significant steps toward reducing emissions, but unfortunately the EPA keeps moving the goalposts on them. The impact on the coal industry – which Missouri relies on for 83% of our energy needs – is one thing. But policies like these will send costs of living skyrocketing for everyone in North Missouri.

The President and his allies in Washington already failed to get cap-and-trade through Congress. But even though his policies were rejected, he goes forward with them anyway. That is not how our government is supposed to run.

That is why, last month, I introduced the Stop the EPA Act. My bill will fundamentally change the way the EPA operates and is overseen, and will require Congress to approve any EPA regulation with an economic impact over $50 million.

When it comes down to it, no one at the EPA was elected to do what they are doing. Please know that as your Representative, I will continue to fight back against regulations that increase our utility bills and drive up costs of living.


Sam Graves



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