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Congressman Long begins annual manufacturing tour

On its website, KOAM-TV Pittsburg (KS) Joplin, MO (5/30) reports Missouri congressman Billy Long “began his ‘manufacturing tour’ across southwest Missouri, aimed at talking about the importance of manufacturing in the area.” Rep. Long said, “We really like to get out and talk to the employees and the owners of these facilities to see what exactly their needs are and what we’re doing to them in Washington that can help them or is hurting them.” The report notes that, according “to the National Association of Manufacturers, southwest Missouri is home to 449 manufacturing facilities that employ 10 or more workers.”

The Joplin (MO) Globe (5/30, Kennedy) reports, “Long, embarking on his annual manufacturing tour, stopped at La-Z-Boy Midwest in Neosho, at MSW Restaurant Furnishings in rural Joplin, and at Red Monkey Foods in Mount Vernon. He will visit manufacturing companies in Bolivar and Springfield today.”



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