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Congressman Graves issues statement on House approval of highway extension

U.S. Representative Sam Graves today issued the following statement after the House passed an extension of federal surface transportation programs through July 31.

“This two-month extension does not come under ideal circumstances, but it will ensure states are reimbursed for their expenses on federal projects during the busy summer months,” Rep. Graves said.

“Missouri has nearly 35,000 highway miles and over 10,000 bridges in need of maintenance and repair,” Rep. Graves continued. “State and local governments across the state and throughout the country deserve to have the certainty they need to plan these projects. Long-term reauthorization of the Highway Bill is critical for all of those who play a role in improving our nation’s infrastructure, and I hope this extension will give us the time to come to an agreement over long-term funding so we can make long-term reauthorization a reality.”

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