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Congratulations to the recipient of The Associated Industries of Missouri Extension Industry Award &

The Associated Industries of Missouri Extension Industry Award recognizes an individual who demonstrates leadership in providing educational programs that support the economic viability of Missouri firms.

The 2017 winner of The Associated Industries of Missouri Extension Industry Award is Isabel Eisenhauer – assistant director of the Missouri State University Small Business and Technology Development Center in Springfield.  Congratulations, Isabel!

Isabel has been with the SBTDC for nearly 10 years. During that time, she has helped her clients realize $76 million in Investments; $82 million in Sales Increases; create 1,727 new Jobs, and start 56 new businesses. She has received 94 letters of endorsement testifying to her abilities.


The value of Isabel’s extension’s efforts is best expressed by one of her clients who stated “she doesn’t necessarily have all the ANSWERS, but instead, and more importantly, asks all of the right questions. Her guidance has impacted our company’s growth, strategic planning and decision-making processes, and major hiring decisions. I consider Isabel a very trustworthy and honest resource who has invested in our business and me personally, with wonderful and measurable results.”



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