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Collateral source tort reform bill on its way to Governor Greitens

SS SB 31 (Emery) , handled in the House by Rep. Joe Don McGaugh, was approved by the Missouri House today and sent to the desk of Governor Eric Greitens.

The bill would allow the amount that has actually been paid to be introduced to a judge and jury in the cost recovery part of the trial. Today, the higher amounts that may be billed by a healthcare provider but never paid by anyone are the amounts disclosed to the jury. This may result in the court allowing “recovery” of imaginary costs that have never been paid by anyone. The bill fixes this situation by allowing the introduction of the lower amount that was actually paid to the healthcare provider.

Associated Industries of Missouri has supported this bill for several years. Similar legislation was vetoed by former Gov. Jay Nixon. We thank Sen. Ed Emery and Rep. Joe Don McGaugh, as well as House and Senate leadership, for their efforts in making Missouri courts fairer by allowing only costs that have been paid to be recovered in the cost recovery part of the trial.

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