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Cerner announces name and design of new campus

Cerner, a global leader in healthcare technology and a Chairman’s Council member of Associated Industries of Missouri, today revealed the name and design for its seventh Kansas City-area campus.

Cerner’s new campus will be called ‘Innovations,’ reflecting the corporation’s work and vision. The structural design will include representations of binary coding and DNA sequencing, including metal perforated in binary code that translates into quotes from Cerner’s founders.

“This project is a tangible reflection of Cerner’s growth and the next generation of health care innovations,” said Cerner Chief Operating Officer Mike Nill. “The campus name and design features symbolize our commitment to develop solutions and services that will advance and improve the ever-changing health care industry. The work performed in these buildings will continue shaping the future of health care for both providers and patients.”

Innovations is the largest economic development project in the history of the state.



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