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Call to action: Get involved on Workers’ Compensation – Second Injury Fund bill

We are closer than ever before to fixing problems that have hamstrung the Second Injury Fund, and now there’s a move afoot to sabotage all of our hard work on the issue.

And we at AIM are asking for your help to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Associated Industries and many other business groups strongly support fixing the “Second Injury Fund” and clarifying that worker’s compensation is the exclusive remedy for occupational diseases. Language adopted by the Missouri House on Senate Bill 1 would ensure that employees contracting diseases following exposure to toxic materials and chemicals would be guaranteed to receive the benefits established in the bill.

But there is language making the rounds at the State Capitol that would socialize the cost of dealing with toxic exposure diseases to ALL employers around the state. The Senate Committee Substitute for House Bill 404 establishes a new fund to pay additional benefits to victims of toxic exposure and a new tax in the form of a surcharge to pay for claims against the fund. Similar language is being considered on other bills.

Why would you as an employer voluntarily enter into a system where you would be responsible to help pay for a situation you had nothing to do with? The surcharge is simply not fair, and is not a part of the solution to the problem.

The limitation on the surcharge to support the “Toxic Disease Fund” is likely to prove insufficient to meet obligations of the fund in future years and we do not believe it is responsible to create a fund that is likely to require additional employer tax increases in the future.

And yet, there is one business organization here at the State Capitol telling legislators that the “Toxic Disease Fund” is a good idea, and one that has widespread support among employers.

We want you to help us nip this idea in the bud. We need you to voice your opinion to your Senator and tell him or her that you do NOT support socializing the cost of toxic exposure diseases.

If you do not know who your Senator or Representative is, click here

Thank you for your help in this campaign!



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