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Buy Missouri Week

“As I travel throughout the state, I am always amazed at the ingenuity, initiative and creativity of Missourians in all manner of products. Buy Missouri Week is designed to promote products manufactured right here in Missouri. When we buy Missouri-made products, we support our friends, family and neighbors who work at and own these businesses. I am working to grow the Buy Missouri Initiative by continuing to recruit businesses, building an interactive, searchable web-site to help highlight Missouri businesses and cooperating with manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to make Missouri-made products more visible in the store.”

“We are proud our two top government leaders, Governor Mike Parson and Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe, are so passionate about the Buy Missouri program,” said Ray McCarty, president/CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. “This effort will allow Missouri consumers to know which products are made in Missouri so they can support their friends and neighbors by buying Missouri goods. Purchasing goods made in Missouri will keep dollars in the Missouri economy and help support manufacturing and agricultural jobs in Missouri. We encourage all retailers and manufacturers to participate in Buy Missouri Week,” he said.


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