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Buy Missouri Week

Join us in celebrating Manufacturing Day by registering your company for Buy Missouri, an economic development initiative being led by Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe which actively promotes to other states and the world the products that are grown, manufactured, processed, and/or made in Missouri. Buy Missouri was designed to promote products manufactured and produced right here in Missouri.

We want to help Missouri manufacturers like YOU enroll in BUY MISSOURI and market your products to consumers who want to support local companies.

How it Works: Missouri companies that are in good standing with the state and have products that are 51 percent or more made or produced in Missouri are eligible. The BUY MISSOURI campaign organizes a variety of activities such as community events, entertainment attractions, and trade shows to promote tourism, business, and economic developments which will showcase Missouri-made products and businesses.

How to Apply: Simply click here and fill out the application form. Be prepared to provide your logo and links to your social media accounts (if you have them), which will be used for the Buy Missouri directory to help customers learn more about your products. Approval typically takes a couple of weeks or less. Approved products and businesses will be listed on the Business Directory page of the Lt. Gov.’s website.



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