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Business Leader Calls For Unburdening Engines Of Growth

American business owners can only spend each dollar one time.

They can spend it to pay a salary OR to pay for the costs of their goods/service OR to pay taxes. They can even spend it for their own family’s food, clothing and shelter or to reinvest in their business.

But they can only spend each dollar once. Our elected officials sometimes forget a dollar saved on taxes is a dollar more that could be spent to hire staff or pay rising business costs. Cutting taxes will spur the growth necessary to create more jobs and expand the tax base, ultimately bringing more tax dollars to the state of Missouri.

Most small business owners are S Corporations or sole proprietors who are double taxed, yet they are told they are the engines of economic growth. Through inaction, our elected officials in Washington, DC, continue to add tax burdens on these so-called engines – even as they are working hard to climb out of an economic slump.

It is time we helped these business owners by lightening their burden and supporting a pro-growth legislative agenda.

U.S. Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer recently met with a me and a group of local business leaders who are a part of the Main Street Growth & Opportunity Coalition. We had a frank, open discussion on issues facing small business owners here in Missouri.

Congressman Luetkemeyer understands burdening our small business owners is not how you grow an American business. Fixing a complex system of complicated tax policies, promoting pro-growth policies and opening up foreign markets to our products and services; THAT is how you grow American business.



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