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Brain cancer treatment device exemption approved by House Committee

February 15, 2023 - Brain cancer patients are another step closer to not paying the state and local sales taxes on items used to treat terminal brain cancer, thanks to a bill from Associated Industries of Missouri that was approved last night by the House Healthcare Reform Committee chaired by Rep. Kent Haden.

Rep. Lisa Thomas filed HB 154 that would exempt brain cancer treatment devices from sales taxes. This is a multiple year effort reflecting a long-running disagreement about the exemption statute. In a change this year, the Missouri Department of Revenue supported the bill in the hearing.

The devices were determined by the Missouri DOR to not qualify for exemption nearly 10 years ago. Since that time, we have amended the language in ways that should have allowed the exemption, but the DOR has said the language is insufficient.

"We believe the state and local governments can find better sources of revenue than terminal brain cancer patients," said Ray McCarty, president/CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. "Although we passed this bill as an amendment to another bill, Gov. Parson had to veto that bill, but liked this provision. We appreciate his support and the support of the DOR in clarifying these items are exempt."

The bill will now advance to one of three rules committees and, if approved by that committee, will move to the full House of Representatives for debate. We will keep you posted of our progress.



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