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Bills protect Missouri farmers and manufacturers of agricultural products

By Ray McCarty, president and CEO, Associated Industries of Missouri

March 27, 2024 - Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM) recently testified in Jefferson City in support of HB 2763 and SB 1416, which would provide for the continued use of domestically produced glyphosate, a safe, proven technology for controlling harmful weeds in agricultural production. We firmly support the bills’ intent that existing federal labeling requirements for pesticides are sufficient for health and safety warnings. This session, your voice can make a difference in protecting rural economies, preserving our food security, and keeping an essential agricultural product made in America.

Glyphosate is widely used in 66% of corn, 91% of soybean, and 98% of cotton acres in Missouri. Unfortunately, California trial lawyers are attempting to bury our farmers and ranchers under endless frivolous lawsuits that could threaten the continued domestic production of glyphosate, forcing our farmers and ranchers into a no-win situation. If they are successful, our farmers would be forced to either secure supply chains overseas or switch to more expensive alternatives that could cost our state’s agricultural sector about $358 million annually.

Also in California, voters adopted a law requiring special labeling of products based on faulty science. Although glyphosate has not been found to cause cancer despite numerous studies reviewed by the EPA, the State of California, relying upon a study by an international organization that claimed the product “may” cause cancer, would have required labeling to that effect be posted on glyphosate product containers. AIM was a plaintiff in challenging this requirement because it would have required Missouri manufacturers, and others, to essentially state something that they did not believe to be true on the packaging containing their products. The federal courts agreed with us and stopped our manufacturers from forced compliance with this law. These bills would ensure something similar does not happen in the State of Missouri.

These bills saying that federal pesticide labeling is sufficient are pro-business and would support a domestically manufactured product that is vital to our agricultural sector. We encourage you to contact your House and Senate legislators this week to express your support. CLICK HERE to find your Senator or Representative and their contact information.



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