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Bayer Crop Science in Kansas City, Mo., Receives EPA Region 7 Pollution Prevention Award

Bayer Crop Science in Kansas City, Mo., received the EPA Region 7 Pollution Prevention Award during ceremonies at the Midwest Environmental Compliance Conference at the Kansas City Convention Center.

Bayer Crop Science’s facility in Kansas City, an agricultural enterprise employing 600 people, took initiative to reduce wastewater generation by implementing process improvements.

One of those improvements involved Bayer improving their production scheduling by sequencing similar products together. Other improvements included repurposing a formulation plant to produce only one type of product instead of multiple products, and installation of equipment for more efficient washouts. As a result, 25 percent less wastewater was generated while the amount of products packaged increased by 14 percent.

“The Pollution Prevention, or P2, awards program recognizes forward-thinking organizations that improve the environment and our quality of life,” said Jim Gulliford, EPA Region 7 Administrator.  “There is ample evidence that even greater improvements in protecting the environment and public health are possible through voluntary, community and industry-based pollution prevention programs.”

P2 is a successful, non-regulatory approach to energy conservation, water conservation, reduction of toxic materials used, and money savings. This awards program is designed to further recognize P2 successes and encourage others to consider a P2 approach.

P2 also emphasizes the reduction of direct environmental impacts and the use of resources and materials.



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