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August 4, 2020 Primary Election results


District 1 Incumbent Congressman Lacy Clay (D-St. Louis) was upset by Democrat challenger Cori Bush (48% - 45%), marking the first time in 50 years that a Clay will not represent the St. Louis district.  All other seven of Missouri’s incumbents handily won their nomination for re-election (District 2 – Ann Wagner and District 8 – Jason Smith were unopposed in the primary.)

Statewide Offices:


  • Incumbent Governor Mike Parson (75%)

  • Incumbent Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe (59%)

  • Incumbent Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (57%)

  • Incumbent Attorney General Eric Schmitt (100% - no primary opposition)

  • Incumbent State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick (100% - no primary opposition)


  • Gubernatorial Candidate and current State Auditor Nicole Galloway (85%)

  • Lieutenant Governor Candidate Alissia Canady (74%)

  • Secretary of State Candidate Yinka Faleti (D-St. Louis) (100% - no primary opposition)

  • State Treasurer Candidate and former State Rep. Vicki Lorenz Englund (D-St. Louis) (100% - no primary opposition)

  • Attorney General Candidate and St. Louis attorney Rich Finneran (D-St. Louis) (55%)

Missouri Senate:

The Senate is currently comprised of 23 Republicans, 8 Democrats and 3 vacancies. The three vacancies occurred at the end of the regular session in May as Governor Parson appointed Republican Senator Gary Romine to the State Tax Commission, Democrat Kiki Curls to the Labor and Industrial Relations Commission and Democrat Senator Jason Holsman to the Public Service Commission. Ten members of the Senate are term limited this year. One-half of the 34 Senate seats are up for election this year, all odd numbered districts.

Of the 17 Senate contests up for election in August and November, 9 are considered safe Republican seats, 7 are considered safe Democrat seats and 1 is a toss-up (District 15 features incumbent Republican Andrew Koenig against Democrat State Representative Deb Lavender).

  • There are twelve primaries in the Senate (7 Republican, 5 Democrat);

  • Only one incumbent (Bill Eigel –R-St. Charles) was challenged yesterday.  He defeated challengers Eric Wulff and Dan O’Connell with 71% of the vote;

  • There were eight non-incumbent primary races that were particularly contentious and considered toss-ups.  All of the winners of the races highlighted below are in safe Republican and Democrat districts and will win on November 3rd.


District 3 (Eastern Mid-Missouri) – State Rep. Elaine Gannon

District 5 (St. Louis) – State Rep. Steve Roberts

District 13 (St. Louis City/County) – Angela Walton Mosely

District 25 (Southeast Missouri) – Jason Bean

District 27 (Southeast Missouri): Rep. Holly Rehder (possible recount)

District 29 (Southwest Missouri) – Rep. Mike Moon

District 31 (West/Central Missouri) – Former State Rep. Rick Brattin

District 33 (South Central Missouri) – Rep. Karla Eslinger (possible recount)

Missouri House of Representatives

All of the 163 House seats are up for election this year.  The current partisan makeup of the House is 113 Republicans, 48 Democrats and 2 vacancies. House Republicans have caucused and elected Majority Floor Leader Rob Vescovo (R-Arnold) as Speaker for the session which convenes on January 8, 2021. His election as Speaker will be formalized on that date.  Rep. Trent Curtis (R-Springfield) and Rep. Dean Plocher (R-St. Louis County) are vying for election to the office of Majority Floor Leader.  That vote by the Republican Caucus will occur later this year. 

  • There were 50 primaries (32 Republican, 18 Democrat);

  • Seven Republican incumbents and six incumbent Democrats faced primary challengers.  Incumbent Rep. Chris Carter (D-St. Louis; District 76) lost to challenger Marlin Anderson by only 54 votes setting the stage for a potential recount.

  • There are 13 open seats that were won by non-incumbent Republicans and 9 by non-incumbent Democrats in the primary election.  Those winners have no general election opposition;

  • There are 30 incumbent Republicans and 15 incumbent Democrats who had no primary opposition and who have no general election opposition.


August 4 Ballot Measure

Amendment 2, an initiative petition proposing to expand Missouri’s Medicaid program was the only statewide issue on the primary election ballot.  Amendment 2 was approved by Missouri voters yesterday winning 53% of the vote.

This constitutional amendment will expand Medicaid benefits to an additional 230,000 Missourians. Amendment 2:

  • expands Medicaid eligibility in Missouri to adults that are 19 years old or older and younger than 65 whose income is 133% of the federal poverty level or below, which would effectively expand Medicaid to those with incomes at or below 138% of the federal poverty level under the Affordable Care Act;

  • prohibits any additional restrictions or requirements for the expanded population to qualify for Medicaid coverage than for other populations that qualify for Medicaid coverage; and

  • requires the state to seek maximum federal funding of Medicaid expansion.

This constitutional amendment will go into effect in July, 2021.

Special thanks to Trent Watson for providing the material in this article.

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