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Associated Industries of Missouri only group to support moving Right to Work election to August

Associated Industries of Missouri president and CEO Ray McCarty today testified before the Missouri House Economic Development Committee in support of a resolution that would move the election date of the “Right to Work” initiative to August from its currently planned November election date.

“AIM supported the ‘right to work’ bill during its passage and were excited about the economic development possibilities that should have begun last August,” said Ray McCarty. “We think the sooner the election is held the sooner Missouri can begin to attract some companies that will only choose a ‘right to work’ state for a new location or expansion. Every day that goes by that our economic developers cannot advertise Missouri as a ‘right to work’ state hampers the state’s economic development efforts,” said McCarty.

Unions were successful in obtaining sufficient signatures to place the issue on the ballot at the November election or at an earlier date as provided by the legislature. HCR 102, sponsored by Rep. Holly Rehder, would move the date to the primary election to be held August 7, 2018.

Only Empower Missouri spoke against the resolution and the AFL-CIO spoke only for informational purposes on the bill. The Committee voted to pass the bill on an 8-4 vote following the public testimony on the bill. The bill was referred to the House Rules Committee chaired by Rep. Shawn Rhoads and a hearing of that committee was posted for April 25 at noon or upon conclusion of the morning House legislative session.

“Associated Industries of Missouri is proud to represent the Missouri business community in supporting enacting a ‘right to work’ statute in Missouri,” said McCarty.



Courtesy National Right To Work Committee



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