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Associated Industries of Missouri Extremely Disappointed in Governor Jay Nixon’s Veto of Two M

March 16 – Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM), on behalf of employers across Missouri, is extremely disappointed in Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of legislation that would have prevented employees from suing each other in workplace accidents, continued coverage for occupational diseases under the “no-fault” worker’s compensation system, and protected employers from frivolous lawsuits that leave employers nearly defenseless against claims of discrimination, regardless of whether any actual discrimination occurred in an employment decision.

“Governor Nixon, through his veto of the worker’s compensation bill, is in effect saying to workers across Missouri, including union workers, that they should continue to be held liable for lawsuits in workplace accidents and that they should not be entitled to quick medical attention and compensation under the  worker’s compensation law for occupational diseases, including repetitive motion diseases,” said Ray McCarty, President of Associated Industries of Missouri. “The Governor has put the interests of the trial bar, attorneys that sue employees and businesses, ahead of the needs of Missouri employees and their employers.  The only beneficiary of Governor Nixon’s action today is the trial bar,” said McCarty.

“The Governor’s veto of responsible changes to the employment discrimination laws that align Missouri’s human rights laws with federal human rights laws, is also extremely disappointing,” continued McCarty. “Governor Nixon’s action today will act as a disincentive to economic development. Who would want to locate their business in a state with a standard of proof for discrimination cases that is lower than federal law?”

Associated Industries of Missouri will continue its push for these legislative changes and openly asks Governor Nixon to put the needs of Missouri employers and their employees first when making decisions on legislation.



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