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Associated Industries of Missouri congratulates winners of the election


Missouri Governor-elect Eric Greitens

Associated Industries of Missouri would like to congratulate the winners of Tuesday’s election. On behalf of the Missouri business community, we look forward to working with them to accomplish exciting and effective changes that will benefit Missouri employers and employees. 

Here’s an overview for those who missed it: 

US Senate: Roy Blunt  (R)

Governor: Eric Greitens (R)

Lieutenant Governor: Mike Parson (R)

Secretary of State: John (Jay) Ashcroft (R)

State Treasurer: Eric Schmitt (R)

Attorney General: Josh Hawley (R)

We would also like to congratulate all members of the Missouri delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives who won re-election, as well as the new and returning members of the Missouri House and Senate.

Following the election, if our count is correct, Republicans hold a 117-46 supermajority in the Missouri House of Representatives and a 25-9 supermajority in the Missouri Senate. Republicans now control all statewide offices, except for Auditor (which was not up for election this year).

Here are the results of Missouri’s referenda: 

Proposition A: Increases cigarette taxes 23 cents a pack to fund transportation and infrastructure projects – 55% No

Amendment 1: Continues for 10 years the existing 0.1% sales/use tax used for soil and water conservation and state parks – 80% Yes

Amendment 2: Establishes limits & regulations on campaign contributions to political parties, committees, and candidates for state and judicial offices – 70% Yes

Amendment 3: Increases cigarette taxes by 60 cents a pack to create an Early Childhood Health and Education Trust Fund – 60% No

Amendment 4: Prohibits new sales/use taxes on any service or transaction that was not subject to a similar tax as of Jan 1, 2015 – 57% Yes

Amendment 6: Requires voters to present ID to prove identity, citizenship, and residence – 63% Yes



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